Nap training, day 4

I went out for coffee shortly before morning nap time, hoping Maya would fall asleep in the car. She did, but woke up while I was bringing her inside. So here we are, 10:27, wide awake but smiley. She has her sleep sheep, pink lovey, and pacifier that she keeps absentmindedly spitting out.

10:45, still awake and crying. Nursing to sleep now.

10:53, asleep, and she even let me put her down!

10:59, awake and fidgety.

11:07, nursing again.

11:14, asleep again…and lying down…

11:33, YES. YES. YES. Still asleep.

11:44, wide awake. I think that’s it for the morning nap.

Nap 2 — Nursed until drowsy. Put her down around 2:05. She has her lovey and paci… so far so good.

2:38, awake.


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