Nap training: Day 5

This is starting to feel hopeless.


One thought on “Nap training: Day 5

  1. Eva Campney says:

    My daughter (10mos now) was exactly the same way! She’s so active that, at times, it made me crazy. I got to the point that I just trusted in biology and followed her lead. Her body knows what it needs and if she’s tired enough, she’ll sleep. Even to this day, when I try to put her down, if she isn’t ready, I don’t try to force it anymore. I just try again an hour or so later. She has only done one nap a day for months now (in spite of EVERY book and parent who insisted otherwise), so don’t feel bad, or alone in this! I know it sucks. I know how frustrating it is, when you’re working so hard to get her to rest and then she wakes up and you want to curl up somewhere and cry.
    For me, when it came to her sporadic and short naps, once I let go of my own expectations of what I thought was “right” and “healthy” for her, I was a much happier mom.

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