Nature and nurturing

Preparing to go back to work next, I find myself comparing bottle feeding and breastfeeding.

In order to bottle feed her, I had to get:

  • Breast pump (supplied by insurance, retails for $300)
  • Bottles (went through 4 brands, latex nipples, and 2 kinds of sippy cups)
  • Extra pump parts (lost some, burned some, some wore out)
  • Bottle warmer to scald milk at work (due to high lipase activity)
  • Thermometer to make sure milk got hot enough in bottle warmer
  • Insulated lunch box so as to not leave milk lying around in work fridge (seemed gross to leave bodily fluids in sight)
  • Sterilized milk storage bags
  • Water for bottle warmer and sterilizing kit
  • Microwave sterilizing kit
  • Hands free pumping bra
  • Power converter to be able to pump on long miserable commute

Compared to breastfeeding:

  • 2 breasts with milk in them.

I love having the option to go back to work. I do. I wish it was easier.


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