Hospital records

I went to the hospital where I had Maya today and got a copy of my medical records. I remembered driving down the same road 5.5 months ago with a huge belly and intermittent contractions. So many things different, so many things the same.

The records are pretty consistent with my memory of events. 

11:51: Admitted to OB triage. Pain 4, BP 113/74, HR 67, FHR 120. Dilated to 4cm, 60% effaced, soft cervix, midposition.

12:11 to 13:43: Walking the halls. At 13:43, pain is a 7. Dilated to 4cm, 75% effaced, -2 station, soft cervix, midposition, bulging waters.

15:11: Vomiting present

15:16: Pain is a 10, BP 132/102, HR 94. Epidural requested. FHR 130.

15:30: IV placed

15:43: Epidural placed

15:53: Pain is a 0. BP 123/65, HR 83.

16:41: AROM ordered

16:50: Dilated to 7cm, 90% effaced, -2 station. Cervix is soft and midposition.

17:44: AROM performed. Dilated to 7cm, 80% effaced, -2 station. Cervix is soft and midposition.

18:18: Dilated to 8cm, 90% effaced, -2 station.

20:32: Dilated to 8.5cm, 90% effaced, 0 station

20:39: Declined pitocin.

22:10: Anterior lip. 100% effaced, 1 station.

23:11: Dilated to 10cm, 100% effaced, 1 station.

23:21: Coached on pushing, practice pushes.

00:36: Pushing

01:01: Oxygen face mask.

01:10: Allow patient to push for 1 hour, if little progress, prepare for c-section.

01:30 Pain scale 5, intermittent, epidural bolus given.

03:05: Transverse per practice push.

03:13: Pushing with little progress. Orders to prep for c-section. Will call MD after OR open.

04:22: Dr. at bedside to evaluate. Pushed with patient. Consents for c-section.

05:06: Delivery

05:08: Methergine IM

05:56: BP 149/74.

06:17: BP 153/72

Afterward my hematocrit levels were so low they ordered a blood transfusion. But I guess eventually they ruled against it.

Anyway, no real surprises. They counted 5 hours and 45 minutes of stage 2 labor and called the OB to do the section in the middle of the night. Pretty hard to argue that any of it was done for their convenience. 


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