Working mama

I can’t say I’m enjoying being back at work.

The lab is an incredible place. The project that got handed to me, fully formed, was so well-designed that before I saw it I would have said it’s perfect but logistically too difficult. And somehow, the lab is doing it.

I have a number of manuscripts in prep and I will be happy when they’re published.

But it is still hard for me to leave Maya in daycare. The new place is a big improvement but I still worry all day — is she sleeping enough? Is she getting enough attention? Is she being held? Is she learning? They don’t know the songs I sing to her or the way I hold her; do they have their own ways to soothe her?

I love being home with her. Everything just feels so much easier. After a busy weekend — dinner with my former labmates, Superbowl party, mother-in-law visiting, and Monday morning pediatrician appointment — my house is finally back together, and everything is in order for the rest of the week. Maya is sleeping and taking an extra long nap. It just feels really nice and peaceful being here with her.


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