OMFG my baby is allergic to sleep

She literally hasn’t slept for more than 10 consecutive minutes today. But then she wakes up all smily and giggly. I had her lie down in a pitch black room with the sleep sheep on max for 10 minutes and she just squired and rolled and kicked and giggled.

So I gave up and we went out in the stroller to run some errands. Stopped at a cafe and ate a very nice salad outside. Fed Miss Baby little bits of avocado and tomato and quinoa. Reexamined all my life decisions and wondered why I hadn’t just aimed for trophy wife. (It was a really good salad.)

She won’t sleep in the stroller, she won’t sleep if I nurse her, she just wants to be awake and playing.

Whatever. I hate you Marc Weissbluth and and Pamela Druckerman and everyone else who points out, using science, that I am giving my baby brain damage. She won’t sleep. Whatcha gonna do.


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