Another blog post about baby sleep

Maya had her worst 2 nights of sleep ever Monday and Tuesday. 

She usually wakes up a few times and roots around for a boob, and as soon as she gets it she goes back to sleep. I can’t remember any time she’s ever woken up and just cried — until Monday. 

She felt warm, so I thought maybe her footie pajamas were too hot and I unzipped them and took them off. She screamed for a few minutes before finally letting me nurse her back to sleep.

Next day, she refused to nap all day. Worse than usual — 2 minutes here or there, 20 minutes in the stroller after hours of walking. It wasn’t until then I realized she had a fever. Started her on Tylenol every 6 hours — including another 3am screamfest.

Daycare said she didn’t nap well Wednesday either. Tylenol has been keeping fever pretty well under control.

I got a good 45 minute nap this morning while holding her. This afternoon, she’s been out for nearly 2 hours. Still sleeping. 

Hopefully the sleep strike is over….


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