Maya has been sleeping for 2.5 hours, and I have not had to re-settle her once.

I think I had always assumed that by 1 year she’d be a better sleeper. She isn’t. But I’ve mostly adjusted, now. I nurse her to sleep as she needs it, and let her sleep on a floor mattress, or even just a blanket on the floor. Much easier than spending hours trying to convince her to go to sleep without nursing, and/or in a crib.

I’ve just emerged from grantwriting hell. Last week I submitted a T32 training grant application (easy) and an F32 NRSA application (not easy). It gave me a whole new respect for my PI, who is a machine, and seems to be capable of anything.

We took Maya to Hawaii for her birthday, and for our friends’ wedding. 

DSC_0008 DSC_0041

She has been walking for a while now. She took her first steps in mid-June, and was really walking by the 4th of July weekend. It’s hard for me to manage the mobile version. She likes to find things she shouldn’t do, like run into restaurant kitchens or climb up stairs, and gets very upset when I try to stop her.

We had to switch daycares yet again. One of the other moms overheard the daycare provider screaming and swearing at a crying baby. I went back in and took Maya out and didn’t bring her back.

I wish I could say the new daycare is perfect. It comes highly recommended, but Maya still clung to me when I picked her up today and sobbed as I put her in her car seat, and it broke my heart. I wish I had a crystal ball or a manual that could say she’s ok there.

I am feeling very, very tired and worn out lately.



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