Another one

Last night Maya let dad put her to bed, and didn’t wake up until 3am. At nearly 20 months old, maybe it’s a little late to be hitting those particular milestones, but I guess it’s better late than never.

Today, we were being lazy on the couch in our pajamas. She started to get cranky and asked for “pah, pah!” Do you want to go to the park? I ask her. YEAH! she says, and hops down off the couch to go get her dada. She pulls dada over to the door and starts trying to open the door, then pauses to grab her shoes and hand them to him. We are cracking up, amazed that she’s putting it all together. When she’s finally dressed and ready to leave, dada gets the stroller, and she starts trying to climb into it, saying “up! up!”

Big change from not so long ago, when she fought and squirmed and screamed and we had to wrestle her into the stroller.

As they walk out the door, no tears. “Bye bye! MWAH! Bye bye!”

Big changes.


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